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I usually find some wood not far from my home in Connemara. I often get a phone call from a nice neighbour who tells me a tree fell after a storm, we do get a few of these strong gales in this part of the world!

Sometimes I let a log lie for a few months and then turn it, or sometimes I turn it straightaway.


I like to let the wood decide what it wants to be, so I only really decide what the final shape will be while I am turning and let the piece evolve from the process.


Bowls can be turned roughly, leaving a thick wall and then left to dry. During this process, the wood will warp and change shape. The result won't be a perfectly round rimmed bowl but I can then remount them on the lathe and give them their final shape and finish. 

I also like to turn pieces directly from green wood straight to finished form and let the warp and change shape to become what it will.

Some of my pieces are embellished by the ancient Japanese technique known as yakisugi (yaki: heat with fire , sugi: japanese cedar) or shou sugi ban (westernized term), which original goal is to preserve the wood by charring it with fire. I also use lots of different waxes and oils and sometimes metal leaf  to create the effect I want.


 Woodturning is a process and an amazing journey. Hopefully you will like what comes out of it.