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My name is Richard, I live in the West of Ireland and started turning wood in 2015 with a very old lathe I purchased down in Kerry. 

Wood is a medium I have loved working with since I was a kid. At 15, I spent a summer working in a boat yard in Connemara and I explored wood sculpture during my studies at National College of Art & Design.

I like the idea that a fallen tree does not necessarily have to end up rotting in the earth but a part of it can be repurposed through a new shape, while still keeping its original essence.

My inspiration depends on the particular piece of wood I decide to work with. It dictates the process and the final form, depending on the type of wood, its size and grain. Not one piece is the same, just as no tree is the same.

My work is not only meant to be displayed on a shelf or a table but rather be picked up, held, felt or even smelt. A lady recently bought one of my pieces and told me she brings it with her whenever she is travelling to her holiday home, it made me smile!

The uniqueness and everlasting nature of each piece makes it a perfect gift for others or for yourself.  

I hope you'll enjoy browsing my work.